Capstone Project 2: Immersive Cyber Security Training

Primary CIS supervisor: Dr. Ni Ding

Secondary EEE supervisor: Dr. Farhad Farokhi

Industry supervisor: Dr. Marthie Grobler

Minimum requirement: 80% (H1) GPA/WAM

Description: We are building an immersive cyber security training program to provide users with a virtual experience of what a range of cyber attacks would play out. This would enable users to ‘experience’ cyber attacks for practical learning, and aid in knowledge retention, and sustained application of the cybersecurity knowledge after completing the program. The gaming experience will involve a number of different cyber attack vectors presented in a graphical simulation, where the user will need to make informed decisions to respond to the situation. The gaming experience will present the user with simulated outcomes that result from his/her decisions. Various cyber scenarios can be simulated (e.g. WannaCry type event, spear phishing attack, remote access attack, etc.) with the simulated resultant impact to the individual and their organisation Agency. By combing theoretical cybersecurity knowledge with future outcome prediction, the trainee will be given tangible outcomes resulting from their cyber choices (i.e. hardware replacement, hard drive is encrypted and all files lost, dollar value of financial loss, offline time calculated as productivity loss, reputational damage, etc.).The immersive cyber security training program will follow a more traditional and theoretical cyber security training program, providing users with a virtual cyber security experience in an applied environment. 

Tasks: Main project tasks include design and development of the:

  • virtualisation system 
  • gaming element to lay over the user’s machine
  • simulation of the cyber security attacks   

Project Specialisations Area:

  • Application Development
  • System Analysis & Design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Research

Required Skills

  • Software Engineering
  • System Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge on virtual machines

Project Environment (Hardware/Software/Programming Languages)

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • R/Python